IOPLEX Software has many years of experience writing 100% Java dependency-free implementations of protocols and APIs like MSRPC, NETLOGON with SecureChannel, MIDL / NDR and ASN.1 / DER compiled stubs, SMB, SASL, LDAP, PKI, SPNEGO, Kerberos, NTLMSSP and similar. If you think IOPLEX can help you, please tell us about your project.

Contact information:
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Jespa Technical Documentation

PDF Jespa Operator's Manual
This document contains detailed requirements and installation and operation instructions for the Jespa software package.
PDF JAN110: Windows Builtin SSO + Duo 2FA using the DuoHttpSecurityService
This document describes the DuoHttpSecurityService, the DuoHttpSecurityFilter and how to install and use the jespaduo-example webapp to test and implement Windows built-in SSO combined with Duo 2FA from /
Jespa Javadoc API Reference
The Javadoc API documentation for Jespa is also included within the Jespa package.
Classes updated in the Jespa 2.0 API documentation includes HttpSecurityService, NtlmSecurityProvider and SecurityProvider.