IOPLEX Software has many years of experience with Single Sign-On, Kerberos, NTLM, Active Directory, MSRPC and related networking protocols.

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Jespa Technical Documentation

Jespa Operator's Manual

This document contains detailed requirements and installation instructions for the Jespa library.

JAN110: Windows Builtin SSO + Duo 2FA using the DuoHttpSecurityService

This document describes the DuoHttpSecurityService, the DuoHttpSecurityFilter and how to install and use the jespaduo-example webapp to test and implement Windows builtin SSO combined with Duo 2FA from /

Jespa Javadoc API Reference

The Javadoc API documentation for Jespa is also included within the Jespa package.

This API documentation has been updated to include descriptions of the DuoHttpSecurityService and DuoHttpSecurityFilter classes.

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