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PDF Jespa Licensing PDF; 6 Pages Contact to receive this document with detailed pricing information.

If you have any questions about what type of license to purchase, contact and tell us about your project.

If you know that you just need a single-installation license key, you may select the desired key type below. Payment options will include credit card, EFT and other methods.

Jespa Free
Supports an unlimited number of users for 60 days after which it becomes limited to 25 users.
See the downloads page.
Jespa 500
License Key
This license key supports up to 500 users.
$250 USD
Jespa Premium
License Key
This license key supports an unlimited number of users.
$500 USD

License Keys that Support Multiple Installations

To purchase a license key that supports multiple installations, select the desired key type above, start your checkout, but then select the "Request Invoice" option. This will generate a web-based invoice and an email. Respond to that email and let IOPLEX sales know that you want a multi-installation key. This type of key is steeply discounted based on the number of installations.

Would you like to embed Jespa into your product? Our Embedded Distribution License Agreement is very reasonable. Please contact and tell us about your product.