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2.7.32 February 11, 2015

This release adds support for PHP 5.6. There have been no code changes.

2.7.31 January 1, 2014

This release adds support for PHP 5.5. There have been no code changes but the package has been compiled in a completely new build environment.

Note: Only Linux x86_64 binaries are supported. FreeBSD and Linux i386 binaries are present but they are deprecated and will not work in newer environments.

2.7.30 January 2, 2013

This release adds support for PHP 5.4. There have been no code changes.

Note: FreeBSD x86_64 binaries are not included due to a compiler error with PHP 5.4's libmagic.

2.7.29 March 27, 2012

Plexcel could reach an out of memory condition (ENOMEM) and subsequently crash if the plexcel_is_member_of routine finds multiple entries (meaning the name being queried was ambiguous and resulted in a "too many entries" error). More generally, Plexcel could crash when pressured to recover memory because of normal ENOMEM conditions. This package fixes these two bugs.

2.7.28 February 1, 2012

A debugging statement was accidentally left in the previous release which could result in extraneous messages being writting to the log file. This log statement has been removed. There have been no logical changes in this release (and the log statement would only be triggered if Kerberos tickets do not contain a PAC - such as because they are disabled by domain security policy).

2.7.27 January 5, 2012

The group based access control feature could perform slowly or cause authentication to fail with many newer clients such as Windows 7 because the part of the Kerberos ticket containing group information was not being succesfully decoded. In this case Plexcel would fall-back to querying group SIDs using LDAP which is much slower. In some cases, if the Kerberos ticket did not contain a PAC at all (because of user account control configuration), authentication could fail entirely. This issue has been fixed.

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